Industries using MongoDB

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is one of many cross-platform document-oriented databases. Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas making the integration of data in certain types of applications easier and faster.

Features of MongoDB:

  • Document Oriented: MongoDB stores the main subject in the minimal number of documents and not by breaking it up into multiple relational structures like RDBMS. For example, it stores all the information of a computer in a single document called Computer and not in distinct relational structures like CPU, RAM, Hard disk, etc.
  • Indexing: Without indexing, a database would have to scan every document of a collection to select those that match the query which would be inefficient. So, for efficient searching Indexing is a must and MongoDB uses it to process huge volumes of data in very less time.
  • Scalability: MongoDB scales horizontally using sharding (partitioning data across various servers). Data is partitioned into data chunks using the shard key, and these data chunks are evenly distributed across shards that resides across many physical servers. Also, new machines can be added to a running database.
  • Replication and High Availability: MongoDB increases the data availability with multiple copies of data on different servers. By providing redundancy, it protects the database from hardware failures. If one server goes down, the data can be retrieved easily from other active servers which also had the data stored on them.
  • Aggregation: Aggregation operations process data records and return the computed results. It is similar to the GROUPBY clause in SQL. A few aggregation expressions are sum, avg, min, max, etc
  • InVision
  • Intercom etc

Top Industries that use MongoDB

Top Countries that use MongoDB

Toyota is famous for the quality of its vehicles. Now that same standard is being applied to how its development teams create Internet of Things software that will enable the move to smart, autonomous and safer factories of the future. With big data collected from vehicles and analyzed on a cloud platform, TCNA humanizes the driving experience by freeing customers from the tyranny of technology via secure, seamless and contextual services, elevating the customer experience while benefiting dealers, distributors, and partners. In August 2019, it launched its homegrown Telematics Services Platform (TSP) which leverages a special piece of hardware available in select new Toyota and Lexus vehicles to enable safety and convenience services such as collision detection, roadside assistance, destination assist and stolen vehicle support. MongoDB has reduced TCNA’s annual costs by 20% and given its developers time back so they keep up with evolving consumer expectations and continue to innovate.

  1. Performance — latency, scalable reads and writes to meet customer SLAs and accommodate significant growth in the future
  2. Automatic scalability, operations, and maintenance that enable developers to focus on applications, rather than backend database administration
  3. Security and compliance to safeguard highly sensitive business and personal data
  4. Data locality — able to host in Northwest Europe or West Europe in Microsoft Azure, therefore, ensuring close geographic proximity to factories for latency-sensitive operations
  5. Automatic backups and restore to provide fully-managed data protection and disaster recovery
  6. Cloud agnostic, giving customers the freedom to run anywhere, on any platform
  7. Developer friendly database with a flexible data model so that developers can continuously integrate new application functionality and stay ahead of market demands
  8. Ecosystem for developer productivity, using proven best practices and widely available skills

MongoDB Market Share and Competitors in Database Management System

We use the best indexing techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 15,000 technology products, including Database Management System. By scanning billions of public documents, we are able to collect deep insights on every company, with over 100 data fields per company at an average. In the Database Management System category, MongoDB has a market share of about 5.7%.




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