Docker Web Portal using JavaScript and Python CGI

For the backend, we would be using the PythonCGI. We are going to take the input from the client (from the web portal) & the code runs particular docker commands and gives the output back to JS functions that display it on the webpage.

My website is running in a Apache webserver on RHEL8. So all these files are present in the /var/www/html folder.

Let us have a look at a JS function.

Here XMLHttpRequest() function is used which can send and get result over http requests.
.send() function sends the request to the given URL — which is a CGI code.
.onload() gets the data and I am presenting it in the alert dialog.

The backend files are present in the /var/www/cgi-bin folder. These files run the backend docker commands that give output back on the screen.

All CGI Codes

Features of the Website:

  1. Launch a Container
  2. Stop a Container
  3. Remove a Container
  4. List all available images
  5. List all containers with status
  6. A Scale to keep a track of how many containers are launched on the server!

Video Demo

Do watch this short 2 min video

Wait for the Docker to move on the scale 😉.

This project is done along with Daksh Jain.
Do share your views. You could reach me out on LinkedIn.




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