Ansible: A boon for Industries

The Keys Features of Ansible

Some of the key characteristics of Ansible include:

1. Compatible with Python

2. No need of any agents

3. Modules

4. Powerful Ansible Playbooks

5. Robust, security and compliance

Advantages of Ansible

  • Free: Ansible is an open-source tool.
  • Very simple to set up : No special coding skills are necessary to use Ansible’s playbooks (more on playbooks later).
  • Powerful: Ansible lets you model even highly complex IT workflows.
  • Flexible: You can orchestrate the entire application environment no matter where it’s deployed. You can also customize it based on your needs.
  • Agentless: You don’t need to install any other software or firewall ports on the client systems you want to automate. You also don’t have to set up a separate management structure.
  • Efficient: Because you don’t need to install any extra software, there’s more room for application resources on your server.






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